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The food scene in Talisay City is interesting as it welcomes the opening of a café shop that will make a difference in your dining experience.   Munchers Café is an airconditioned, small-sized café shop with student-friendly meals.

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Munchers Cafe and its Growing Milk Tea Family

Located in front of a private school in Carmela Valley Homes, it was conceptualized with the students as their target market.  However, for non-students, aside from the friendly meal prices, you can also enjoy the cozy ambiance, ideal for that intimate conversation with your friends or with someone close to your heart.

So, if you love simple and affordable meals, friendly staff in an airconditioned eating place, then Munchers Café is for you.

Interested to know more about this neighborhood café? Here’s why you should visit them and find out what they can offer.

Friendly Food Prices

Prices range from P25.00 to P55.00.  You can have a modest serving of your favorite street food such as kikiam, squid or fish balls for as low as P25.00, served with regular or sweet and sour sauce or you can opt for their all-day meal such as sparerib or porkchop dunked in your favorite gravy or barbeque sauce for P55.00.

Nachos/Nachos Fries

You will surely love their plain Nachos or the level-up Nachos Fries.   It has a special garlic sauce that makes this snack-filler truly the best.  The nachos are thin and crispy and the ground meat topping are generously scattered on top.  It is loaded with garlic sauce so you can finish this hearty treat even without the other mixture.

Pork Belly Sisig

I guess you are used to eating the traditional sisig made out of pork’s head, mostly the face or ear part but this time, they use pork belly.  It is not only crunchy and all fatty, but meaty as well.  The ground liver and mayonnaise add to its distinct flavor.  For big eaters, like me, you may double-up the serving since this is a budget meal.

Pork Belly Sisig is not your traditional sisig.

French Fries

Their fries come in many flavors – cheese, sour cream, barbeque, mixed (2 flavors), cheesy overload or saucy garlic.  This is best paired with their blue or cucumber lemonade.


You may also try their milkshakes which are available in different flavors.  This creamy concoction will surely quench your thirst, especially during hot days, when there is a sudden change in weather conditions.  Milkshakes are served with toppings that are perfect for  “My Story” or Instagram picture.



Who doesn’t love milk teas?  If you are a milk tea lover, their selection is one you cannot afford to miss out – matcha, winter melon,  taro and more. They are constantly updating their flavors and will soon have floaters, such as cream cheese or cream puff to make a twist to your favorite iced mix flavor.  So, milk tea lovers, watch out for this exciting news this 2020.

The growing milk tea family. Watch out for more flavors in the new year


Looking for a place to chill out after a hectic day in school?  Or you may want to meet-up with a friend?  Munchers Café allows students to bond more or maybe do their assignments or projects over milk teas or milkshakes.  Moreover, since the place is strategically located just before going inside the residential area of Carmela Valley Homes, it is an ideal place for a meet-up.

Students make the cafe as a study room.

Small Parties/Meeting

If you are a small group of 15 to 25 persons and you need a small space for your party or meeting, then be one of the guests to your own event.  For affordable rates, you can have reasonably-priced food and exclusive use of the café for your guests.  You may arrange your event with the staff prior to the scheduled party.

There are other exciting things about Munchers Café.  Aside from pork belly sisig, which is one of the all-day meals, they also have other fried varieties – lumpia, siomai, porkchop, spareribs, and Hormel ham, which are all served with rice and a sauce of the customer’s choice.  The all-day meal is a hit to students and budget-conscious customers.

Pork Barrel. This creamy pork chop is a must-try for budget-conscious customers


Aice Ice Cream is a sure hit, especially among the students.

There are instant noodles, sandwiches, Aice Ice Cream and other basic food finds that may complement your meal. For updates and promo, you may LIKE and FOLLOW Munchers Café FB page at