Friday, April 19, 2024

Traze Contact Tracing App is now Required in all Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) -controlled ports and Airports in the Philippines

Traze Contact Tracing App is now Required in all Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) -controlled ports and Airports in the Philippines

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It was our first boat travel since the lockdown. If not for a very important business, we would not risk going outside our home as COVID 19 is very much around the corner.

I am confident though, that since most places are relaxed now, this Iloilo trip is going to be hassle-free. Well, almost.

Getting past the security counter in BREDCO Bacolod was a breeze. But it wasn’t the case in Iloilo City. 

The Philippine Ports Authority in Iloilo City requires all outgoing passengers to submit their personal information via QR scanning, using the Traze application.

The Philippine Ports Authority PPA) and an IT solution provider, Cosmotech Philippines develop Traze. The system automates the contact tracing process, especially in notifying the people who may have in contact with a COVID-infected person.

It was stressful for first-timer like us to download the application and register. Aside from learning how to use the application instantly, you should also ensure that you will not be late for your scheduled trip.

How To Install and Use Traze Contact Tracing System

To ensure a smooth and safe trip, here are the steps on how to download and register in Traze App.

  1. Download the “Traze-Contact Tracing” app in Apple Store for Apple users and Google Play Store for Android users, etc.
  2. Open the application and follow the Registration Procedure either as Individual or Establishment;

3.  Upload your profile picture and click “SUBMIT.”

4.  Enter the Verification Code sent by the system to your registered mobile number to activate your account. You will receive a message “YOUR REGISTRATION IS COMPLETE.”

5. Access your account with your defined user ID and password and tap “START TRACING” to use the application.

How Traze Contact Tracing Works

Traze automates the manual contact tracing process by using QR codes so that tracing can be done in minutes.

  1. Your unique QR code is used in order for others to trace you;
  2. You can trace establishments, transportations, barangays, hospitals and other individuals by tapping TRACE QR CODE;
  3. Want to check which establishments you have been to? You may tap the TRAZE HISTORY button;
  4. The NOTIFICATION icon will inform you in minutes if you come in contact with someone who has COVID-19;
  5. You may edit your profile or register other individuals by tapping the PROFILE button;
  6. Traze works for both ONLINE AND OFFLINE mode, but you will need to go online to update your trace history;
  7. Traze is Data Privacy Act-compliant. It doesn’t store your data permanently.


The battle against COVID-19 continues. While we are slowly getting back to our normal routines, the danger of getting infected is not a remote possibility. Initiatives such as this application help address the many problems brought about by the pandemic.

We downloaded and registered the Traze application on time. The boat that will take us to Bacolod City was already waiting for the passengers. We were glad we did not miss our trip.