Friday, June 14, 2024

The New Samsung Galaxy A71 lets Gen Z, like Liza Soberano “discovers their awesome”

The New Samsung Galaxy A71 lets Gen Z, like Liza Soberano “discovers their awesome”

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Today’s digital natives greatly value authenticity, both from themselves and the world they live in. They immerse themselves in their passions and are confident in sharing their capabilities with everyone. SAMSUNG is enabling these passionate individuals to “discover their awesome” by uncovering something delightfully surprising about themselves, whether these are skills, talents, or traits.

Through the Galaxy A71’s upgraded features, Gen Z can create awesome content and share it with the world via social media.

 Like many digital natives, Liza Soberano is eager to express herself using the new device. As one of the country’s top actresses, she has starred in countless movies and TV shows that lets her explore different roles. Now, she’s stepping into a different kind of role—as a source of inspiration for her fellow Gen Z.

“You who dream of being awesome. You who spend hours scrolling through and wondering, ‘can I be the next #goals?’” Soberano says in Samsung’s new manifesto video, while sharing many pieces of advice. “Keep going no matter how long it takes and dream big because it’s all worth it,” the actress encourages.

The video enables viewers to inspire others and to encourage them to show off their authentic selves. By watching the manifesto, digital natives will be proud of who they are and inspired to become who they want to be. “Once you discover what makes you awesome, the world will, too,” Liza says at the end.

 Watch the video and ignite your passion here.