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Students Became A Way To Provide Assistance To A Senior Citizen


Students Became A Way To Provide Assistance To A Senior Citizen


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Kindness will always be present, as a group of students had a remarkable day after offering help to a needy senior citizen to have a decent shelter and source of food.

On October 10, a student shared on her TikTok account their journey of helping Wilfredo Layagi, or Tatay Wilfredo, as they bumped into him on a random day.

In the said TikTok video, the uploader shared that Tatay Wilfredo caught their attention as he walked on the streets carrying almost 72 pounds of plastic and newspaper, even though he has difficulty walking.

The uploader disclosed that they had a small talk with the senior citizen, and they discovered that Tatay Wilfredo was alone that night, scavenging for plastics and newspapers around the city for him to sell in a junk shop the next day.

Layagi also shared that he is currently residing with his two sons, who are mentally unstable.

“Tatay Wilfredo’s weekly routine is walking kilometers from his home to scavenge for used plastic bottles and cans. From trash can to trash can, he can sell it to a junk shop. He collects plastic bottles and cans enough to sustain them for the whole week,” the uploader said.

Using their social media accounts, the students posted Tatay Wilfredo’s situation to gather donations from other people to help the senior citizen sustain his daily needs.

In the said TikTok video, the students tried to locate where Tatay Wilfredo lives, and to their surprise, the senior citizen has no decent place to stay as he disclosed to have a small pedicab behind the container vans where he sleeps and eats with his sons and dogs.

Seeing the condition of Tatay Wilfredo’s house made the students help the senior citizens more as they gathered useful house materials for their respective homes to donate to Tatay Wilfredo.

They also went back with grocery items for their small family that came from individuals who donated through their social media posts. The students also adopted some of their dogs to lessen the burden on Tatay Wilfredo when it comes to sustaining the needs of their furbabies.

“The sole purpose of my TikTok account is for entertainment only, but I needed Tatay Wilfredo’s story out here. I hope there are good Samaritans out there who can lend a little help,” the uploader said.

As of writing, the TikTok content creator still updates her video thread to be transparent about the donations that individuals sent. Through the TikTok thread, the content creator lists the needs of Tatay Wilfredo, as they are the ones who have direct contact with him.

Looking into the kindness shared by these students really showcases that kindness will always be present at any time of the day and with any people you meet. With the negativity in the world, there will always be pure hearts to help to some extent.

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