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Smarter, Happier Living: Samsung in the Filipino Home for 25 Years

Smarter, Happier Living: Samsung in the Filipino Home for 25 Years

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Celebrating 25 years of innovation with Samsung! From digital TVs to smart appliances, they’ve been redefining Filipino homes. Check out the amazing deals at the Silver Anniversary Sale!

For the past 25 years, Samsung has profoundly shaped the lives of Filipinos and elevated their home in ways beyond measure. The global brand has made a veritable impact on the way consumers live their lives and interact with the world around them, creating a lasting tradition of innovation for generations.

Samsung’s journey in the Philippines began in 1998 with the opening of Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation. With an expansive range of industry-leading technologies, devices, and appliances, the brand earned a special place in the hearts of Filipinos who deeply resonated with its promise to create superior products that contribute to a better society.

Samsung’s presence in the country has been marked by a series of innovations that have significantly shaped Filipino lives across various aspects of daily routines and entertainment.

Elevating home entertainment

Samsung has been at the forefront of bringing an exclusive theater-like experience to Filipino homes through its range of televisions. 

In 1998, the brand ushered in the era of digital television with the launch of the 55” projection TV. Samsung changed the game in the early 2000s by popularizing LCD TVs.

In 2006, the brand changed how viewers all over the world consume entertainment with Bordeaux TV. With a lightweight form factor with a sleek design, it was so popular that it sold more than one million units within the first six months.

This was the first time Samsung ranked #1 in the global television market, a title it still holds today.

Through the years, Samsung continued to innovate with the introduction of new technologies. Today, Samsung’s line of Neo QLED and OLED TVs and Sound Devices redefine home entertainment for Filipinos who crave immersive cinematic experiences in the comfort of their homes.

Similarly, Samsung innovated the gaming industry with its line of monitors. A prime example of this is the Odyssey Ark, which features a whopping 55” screen with Quantum Matrix Technology and Quantum Mini LED for a crystal-clear gaming experience. The curved screen wraps around the field of vision for maximum immersion.

The newest product to join the Odyssey series is the OLED G9 – with an 1800R curved display that provides a wider field of view and ultimate immersion into any gaming world. It boasts remarkable visuals and smooth and responsive gameplay on a 32:9 aspect ratio for multiplayer gaming or open-world virtual adventures.

On top of this, the built-in Smart Hub of the Odyssey OLED G9 allows access to popular streaming apps like Netflix, Disney+, and YouTube, creating a space-saving alternative to stream video content from the cloud instead of downloading them.

Enhancing Filipino daily routines at home

Samsung has been delivering consumer-centric home innovations that satisfy diverse lifestyles. Its home appliances, including washing machines and refrigerators, microwave ovens, and vacuum cleaners, have made daily chores more convenient and efficient in Filipino homes.

In 1999, Samsung introduced its first inverter washing machine, which could remove even the most stubborn stains using a vertical current and waterfall-like flow.

The brand unlocked smarter ways of washing for Filipino households via cutting-edge technologies. By introducing artificial intelligence to its lineup, with features such as AI Ecobubble, AI Wash, and AI Control, Samsung set the industry standard for intelligent and efficient ways of caring for clothes.

The brand’s commitment to catering to different lifestyles is also evident in its line of refrigerators. Through the years, Samsung has introduced inventive ways of storing food and keeping it fresh.

For instance, the brand paid attention to energy-saving features, like the Digital Inverter technology. This automatically adjusts the speed in response to cooling demand, saving energy up to 50%. Up to 20-year warranty on select refrigerators and washing machines promises long-term savings.

When it comes to form and design, Filipino families can choose from a variety of refrigerators, from French Doors and Side by Side to Top and Bottom Mount Freezers.

Samsung further elevated the aesthetic of its refrigerators with its Bespoke line which offers a unique, modular design concept that adds elegance and personality to any kitchen by allowing homeowners to customize the color, material, finish, and modules.

Meanwhile, the brand’s game-changing smart refrigerator with a built-in screen, the Samsung Family Hub, keeps families connected anytime, anywhere.

With this future-forward technology, Filipino households can control smart appliances and devices with ease, get all the benefits of Bixby built-in, and easily share pictures, videos, and drawings with Google Photos.

And, of course, one could not forget the strong impression on Filipino homes Samsung has delivered through its range of air solution innovations. One of its landmark creations is the WindFree™ Cooling technology. It is the only system that uses “still air” to create an evenly cool and comfortable environment without an uncomfortable draft.

Filipino families have stayed comfortable during hot summer months with the Split-Type Inverter Air Conditioner. The inverter technology offers efficient cooling while reducing energy usage by up to 73%.

Silver anniversary sale

Samsung’s cutting-edge technology, innovative devices, and societal contributions have consistently strived to enhance the lives of Filipinos in every conceivable manner. The secret is a seamless combination of Filipino tradition and a passion for innovation. For the brand that has become a pioneer in the electronics business, innovation is a tradition.

Samsung is celebrating its 25th year with a massive Silver Anniversary Sale until September 30. Customers can enjoy great deals on TVs, Sound Devices, Monitors, Digital Appliances, Air Conditioners, and more.

Families can get savings of up to Php 104,000 on Samsung TVs and also enjoy premium freebies, such as a Q Soundbar worth up to Php 33,999 and a one-year Premium Access subscription to Disney+ worth Php 2,950. The viewing experience can be elevated with the Q Soundbar, which comes with a discount of up to Php 8,250.

Homeowners who want to upgrade their homes can enjoy discounts of up to Php 25,000 on select Digital Appliances. These also come with a free 41 sqm Air Purifier worth Php 10,995. Air conditioners are also up for grabs with discounts of up to 50% off.

Until August 31, gamers can save up to Php 54,250 when they purchase the 55″ Odyssey Ark monitor.

Discover how the brand has made daily routines and time at home more seamless for the past 25 years. Be a part of Samsung’s legacy in the Philippines with the Silver Anniversary Sale which runs until the end of September. For more information, please visit

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