Friday, June 14, 2024

Now Serving by SeriousMD :  Medical Consultation Under the New Normal and Why I like it

Now Serving by SeriousMD :  Medical Consultation Under the New Normal and Why I like it

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My wife and I are on maintenance drugs.   So, we need to take our medicine regularly. At the same time, our doctor monitors certain vital signs so that she could modify or change our medication, depending on how our body responds to it.

However, the pandemic has restricted our movements, including our regular visit to the medical laboratory and our doctor’s clinic.  Without the required vital signs monitoring and consultation, we run the risk of complications that might be fatal or could aggravate other diseases in our body.

We are almost helpless until our doctor’s medical secretary informed us that our doctor is on an app called Now Serving by SeriousMD.

The Now Serving by SeriousMD is an interactive app that allows you to get your medical consultation without going to your doctor’s clinic.

This is an application wherein you can book an online appointment with your doctor.  You can talk to her during your appointment schedule and clarify issues you may have about your illness.  You may also send your medical records, such as the latest laboratory results, just like the regular face-to-face clinic visit.

Your doctor can then explain the laboratory result, advise you how to manage your illness, and prescribe your medicines on a signed prescription pad, which you can print for reference purposes.

What is good about this app is that you won’t waste your precious time waiting in the queue.  I am impatient and hate waiting.  So, I excitedly welcome this new arrangement with my doctor.

Besides booking an online appointment with your doctor, the application allows you to chat with your doctor’s staff for any concerns. It notifies you if the doctor is already IN and has started the clinic.

Moreover, the application gives you access to your prescriptions and other medical files.  It will also let you pay the consultation fee online.  I paid via Gcash, which is safe for me, rather than paying thru my Debit or Credit card.

If your doctor is using Now Serving by SeriousMD, it is time for you to switch to virtual consultation by downloading the app via Google Play Store.