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McDelivery’s Moon Coupons give its customers exciting discounts based on the moon’s phases

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The moon holds many mysteries, one of it includes inducing you to order your McDo favorites while catching up on your series episodes. But this time around, more than mysteries, it’s got great surprises for you. For Global Delivery Day this September 20, McDonald’s makes it even more enjoyable to have your McDo favorites delivered by launching the McDelivery Moon Coupon!

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The McDelivery Moon Coupon gives McDo App users exclusive discounts based on the side of the moon that they don’t see. On September 20, 24, and 29 from 9-11 PM, just login to the McDo PH App to see the Moon Coupon for the night, then get your orders delivered straight to your doorstep!


With the celebration of Global Delivery Day this year, McDonald’s continues to deliver not only great food, but also feel good moments from this exciting new way to experience McDelivery. Download the McDo App now on Google Play or the App Store to enjoy these exclusive discounts and watch out for updates on each day’s #McDeliveryMoonCoupon via McDonald’s  Facebook and Twitter.


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