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Guide to Paying BIR Taxes That Will Let You Skip the Long Queue

Guide to Paying BIR Taxes That Will Let You Skip the Long Queue

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I have been paying business taxes since 2019.  I would line up for at least 2-3 hours at the bank to give what is due to the government.

Recently, the waiting game became longer because of the health safety measures being implemented in the bank due to the pandemic.

I have very little tolerance when it comes to waiting.  I feel that my precious time is wasted, especially for something like paying bills or in this case, paying my taxes.

The good news is, we can now pay our BIR taxes through the Gcash app.  That means that we don’t need to go to the bank or payment centers to pay our taxes.

The mobile app is relevant more than ever because it eliminates the face-to-face interaction between taxpayers and the BIR – accredited payment center.  Thus, making payment safer and faster.

Guide to Paying BIR Taxes Using Gcash

With just a few taps anytime of the day, without standing in the long queues and dealing with so many people, we can now pay our taxes easily.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to pay our BIR taxes, assuming the following data:

  • Classification of Taxpayer:  Non-VAT Taxpayer
  • Tax Form:  Monthly Remittance Form of CreditableIncome Tax Withheld (Expanded) – BIR Form 0619E
  • Taxable Period: November 30, 2020
  • Tax Due:  P650.00
  • TIN: 123-456-789-000
  1. Prepare and submit your BIR tax form via the eBIRForms Offline Package – version 7.6 found in the BIR website;

Please click the link for the step-by-step guide to using the eBIR Forms Offline Package:

2.  Print the tax form and email confirmation from BIR that they received the BIR form;

3.  File the documents for future use,g.BIR audit examination;

4.  Download the GCash app in Google Playstore or Apple App Store;

5.  Open a GCash account and tap PAY BILLS > GOVERNMENT > BIR;

6.  Fill-up the required information;

Form Series > 600 (Payment Form)

Form Number  > 0619 E

Tax Type > WE

Return Period > 123120 (MMDDYY) –

*should be the last day of the taxable month

TIN > 123456789000

Branch Code > 00000

*the last 3 digits of your TIN plus two zeroes

Amount > 650.00

*double-check before tapping CONFIRM

Email Address:

*needed for sending of GCash Bills Pay Receipt


*double-check the data you encoded before hitting CONFIRM;

7.  You will receive an SMS message/acknowledgement and an email message from GCash that they received and processed your payment;

8.  Print and file the GCash Bills Pay Receipt and the screenshot of your SMS message, together with the BIR Form and email confirmation of your efiling.  You will need these documents when someone from BIR will check your tax payment.


For someone whose time is precious, the GCash app is very useful.  You will skip the long queues in the bank and other payment centers when paying.  Plus, you can pay anytime of the day.  Thus, saving you a lot time, which you can use to fulfill other chores.

Aside from skipping the long queue, using the GCash app will keep you safe from getting the COVID-19 virus because it eliminates face-to-face interaction.

So, take your mobile phone, download the GCash and start paying your taxes now.