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Chasing Rainbows and Stethoscopes: My Daughter’s Journey as a UK-Registered Nurse

Chasing Rainbows and Stethoscopes: My Daughter’s Journey as a UK-Registered Nurse

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In the midst of the COVID-19 environment, heroes emerged from all walks of life, donning stethoscopes instead of capes. Among them was my daughter, a UK-Registered Nurse, who embarked on a remarkable journey of dedication and courage.

As a parent, I stood in awe of her unwavering commitment to caring for others during these challenging times. I want to share her inspiring story, so everyone can appreciate the extraordinary work nurses do on the frontlines of a pandemic.

Chasing the UK Dream

The Call to Serve

Nursing has always been my daughter’s dream; she was fascinated by the human body and had an innate desire to make a difference. After completing her nursing degree at the University of St. La Salle in Bacolod,  she joined a local hospital, five years before the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

Little did she know that she would soon be thrown into an unprecedented crisis that would test her skills and determination away from the family.

Facing the Storm in a Foreign Land: COVID-19 Challenges

My daughter embarked on a courageous journey in a foreign land, ready to face the storm that awaited her. Leaving behind the familiarity of home, she ventured into uncharted territory, driven by her passion for nursing and the desire to make a difference.

Just a few months into her new role as a staff nurse in a local hospital in the UK, the pandemic struck unexpectedly. She had no idea that the challenges she would encounter in this foreign land would be magnified by the crisis.

The language barrier, cultural differences, and being far away from family only added to the already daunting task of battling the virus. But undeterred, she embraced the mission with determination, wearing her stethoscope like a badge of honor, and stood tall on the frontlines of the pandemic.

The pandemic brought an unrelenting storm upon healthcare professionals, and nurses were at the forefront of the battle. My daughter described how, during the initial surge, the hospital faced an overwhelming influx of patients with COVID-19.

“Perhaps, the most intense aspect of this whole COVID 19 pandemic was the constant fear and probability of contracting the virus. Each day we stepped into the hospital, I was putting myself at risk, which made my anxiety soar. “

Despite being fully aware of the safety measures and wearing her PPE diligently, the uncertainty lingered. Adding to the emotional burden was the fact that she was continents away from the family to give her moral support.

The physical distance only emphasized the emotional toll of this pandemic, but her commitment to her patients and duty never wavered. Her strength and determination during those trying times were truly remarkable.

Adapting to New Protocols

As the situation evolved, so did the protocols. Like in the Philippines, personal protective equipment (PPE) became a crucial part of their daily attire, safeguarding themselves and others from the virus.

It was no easy task to adjust to wearing masks, gowns, and face shields for long hours, but my daughter and her colleagues understood the importance of protecting both patients and themselves.

Travelling and having this happy bunch keep her sane.

The Emotional Toll

The emotional toll on nurses during the COVID-19 environment cannot be overstated. It went far beyond the physical demands of their work, affecting them deeply on a personal and psychological level.

My daughter shared the heart-wrenching moments she encountered daily while caring for patients. Many of these patients were isolated and unable to be with their families, which intensified their feelings of loneliness and fear. It was emotionally challenging to witness the pain and distress in their eyes as they longed for the comfort of their loved ones.

As she comforted those who were scared and struggling to breathe, she carried the weight of their emotions on her shoulders. Being present for patients during their darkest hours meant providing not just medical care but also emotional support.  She had to summon immense strength to stay composed and offer comfort even in the face of overwhelming circumstances.

“My heart is constantly filled with worry and concern for my parents back in the Philippines. The fear of them contracting the virus looms over me like a dark cloud, and I can’t help but wonder who will take care of them if they fall ill.”

“Here I am, dedicating my days and nights to caring for other people’s health, while my own parents will be looked after by others should they contract the virus. It’s a bittersweet irony that tugs at my emotions daily.”

Their ability to provide emotional support amidst a global crisis demonstrated the true essence of nursing—going above and beyond the call of duty to bring comfort and healing to those in need.

Finding Rainbows Amidst the Storm

Amidst the relentless chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, my daughter, was no stranger to the storm that surrounded her. However, even in the darkest of times, she found glimmers of hope that acted as beacons of light.

“I witnessed incredible moments of triumph and hope amidst the challenges of the pandemic.   The joy that filled my heart when patients conquered the virus and were discharged from the hospital is indescribable. Behind their masks, I could see the radiant smiles that spoke volumes of their gratitude and relief, reminding me why I chose this noble profession in the first place.”

These moments of recovery and victory became the rainbows that arched across their stormy days, inspiring her to press on with renewed vigor.

Every time she saw a patient recover and leave the hospital, she knew her tireless efforts were not in vain. It reinforced her belief in the power of compassionate care and the positive impact she and her fellow healthcare workers were making on people’s lives.

The Journey Continues

As the COVID-19 pandemic gradually started to ease its grip, my daughter’s dedication to her nursing profession soared to new heights. The challenges she encountered on the frontlines only served to strengthen her resolve and deepened her love for caring for others.

Instead of being deterred by the difficult times, she was inspired to take her skills to the next level.  The pandemic had opened her eyes to the immense responsibility and privilege of being a nurse, and she embraced this responsibility with open arms. Her journey as a nurse was not a one-time event; it was a lifelong commitment to serving and caring for others.

Family Picture Perfect.  We are a family again after more than three years (though, short and temporary only).

Her Story

My daughter’s story  is a testament to the unwavering spirit and resilience of healthcare professionals. Through this challenging time, nurses demonstrated their selflessness, compassion, and dedication to their patients and communities.

As a parent, I couldn’t be prouder of my daughter and all the nurses who relentlessly chase rainbows while holding stethoscopes, enriching the lives of those they touch. Let us always remember their heroic efforts and continue to support and appreciate these everyday superheroes.

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