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Embrace New Beginnings Partner with PSBank this 2020

Embrace New Beginnings Partner with PSBank this 2020

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The New Year is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times of the season. This is the period when people, young and old alike, take the chance to remember the events of the year that has passed and look forward to the many opportunities that are in store for them.

As families and individuals enter a new decade, goals are created, revived, and are actively set in place. PSBank, as everyone’s “simpleng maaasahan bank” recognizes these aspirations in the lives of its customers—and purposefully presents solutions that allow it to be a reliable, consistent partner in the achievement of these important plans.

With its wide, innovative, and secure range of banking services and products, PSBank ensures that excuses fly out of the window—surely, there is no better time to seize the moment and take the chance to live life to the fullest.

Check out these PSBank offerings today, and see how you can make 2020 your best year ever:

PSBank ATM Savings – Grow your money and have the benefit of earning a fixed interest rate with a bank you can trust, as you work towards accomplishing your goals. Have the privilege of accessing your account anytime of the day via PSBank, Metrobank, and BancNet ATMs nationwide, as well as Mastercard ATMs worldwide.

PSBank Cardless Withdrawal – Forgot your ATM? PSBank assures you that you don’t have to worry about it, ever. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you’ll able to safely withdraw your hard-earned cash from over 599 ATMs nationwide. That’s peace of mind—right in the palm of your hand.

PSBank Mobile Check Deposit – New year, new way of depositing checks. No longer do you have to physically go to a bank to get them cleared. Now all you have to do is take a photo through PSBank’s Mobile App, and you’re all set.

PSBank PaSend – Sending cash is no longer a chore with this remittance service. For a very minimal transaction fee, you can easily send money to family, friends, and partners, anytime and anywhere—even to those who don’t have an account with the Bank. The funds you send may be withdrawn 24/7 at any PSBank or Metrobank ATM.

PSBank Time Deposit – Be more as you do more with your money. With PSBank’s Time Deposit offering, not only do you enjoy a low initial deposit amount, but you also gain profit in as fast as 30 days. Talk to PSBank and we’ll help you understand and manage your account as our firm commitment.

PSBank Auto Loan– Have you been eyeing a new car for your family or for yourself? PSBank has got you completely covered. Offering competitive interest rates and a fast approval time, the Bank will surely make possible the deal you’ve been craving for. Enjoy the bank’s Prime Rebate feature when you avail its Auto Loan which lets you earn discounts on your loan when you make advance or excess payments on your monthly due.

PSBank Home Loan – Experience the family lifestyle you’ve been working so hard for this coming year through PSBank’s Home Loan. Enjoy loan approval in as fast as 24 hours, with convenient terms, and even better rewards. Benefit from Bank’s Prime Rebate feature—making the process of purchasing your new house even more fulfilling.

PSBank Personal Loan – This 2020, have the funds that will enable you to realize your travel and other life goals. PSBank’s Flexi Personal Loan, which also comes with Prime Rebate, is a collateral-free personal loan product with a revolving credit line and a fixed-term loan. The product comes with an ATM card, allowing you access to day and night banking from PSBank ATMs nationwide.

PSBank Money Market Fund – Create new possibilities in the coming decade: instead of being just a depositor, be an investor! With PSBank’s Money Market Fund, the Bank’s first Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF), you can have a team of experts closely manage your investment for a minimum of PhP 10K. These partners will choose from different low-risk financial instruments to optimize your returns, giving you an affordable liquid investment option. Now is the time to invest in your future!

PSBank’s Senior Vice President and Marketing Group Head Emannuel A. Tuazon says:

“Celebrate new beginnings this year with the Bank that journeys with you everyday, a trusted and reliable group that puts your best interests at the heart of everything it does. With PSBank’s full suite of future-ready offerings, you can now confidently seize opportunities and make this new year, this new decade, a time of turning your big dreams into reality. We invite you to check out our products and services today!”