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Milk tea shops are sprouting everywhere, so some people are saying that the milk tea market is slowly waning down.  There are established and franchised brands, some in carts while others in well-appointed store spaces found in primary malls in Bacolod City.  Milk tea in different flavors is also available in many cafes and restaurants and I believed the doomsayers are correct.

Munchers Café, being a newbie in the game, will not sit comfortably and see itself fails while other café shops and milk tea brands make a queue in the bank.  So, for the new year, your neighborhood café will make their selection creamier and tastier.  Exciting flavors will also be added to cater to the  preference of the younger and not-so younger customers.

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New Flavor

Barely a month since its operation, it already added three different flavors, – matcha, winter melon, and taro.  Other flavors will be added soon, and will  be available starting January 2020.  So, this is something to watch out for.


Cream Cheese/Cream Puff

To add a twist to the usual cold drink, Munchers Cafe  will introduce cream cheese or cream puff with a dash of candy sprinkles as toppings.   The additional ingredient will make the iced treat smoother and appealing to the younger crowd.

Adding floater to your milk tea makes your cold drink a sure hit to your customers


The shiny and soft pearl is already part and parcel of the milk tea drink.  I cannot imagine having my cold drink without this sinker.  To make it extra different, the café will soon give the customers an option to choose either, the classic pearl or pudding as a sinker.

This custard pudding will bring your milk tea to the next level.

These are some of the many innovations that we should look forward to from this little café shop in Talisay City.  Munchers Café seeks to make its customers enjoy their milk tea drinks with their favorite  French fries or grilled cheese sandwich.


To get updates and offerings from Munchers Café, please LIKE and FOLLOW their FB Page by clicking this link https://www.facebook.com/Muncherscafe/.

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