We are now under “house arrest” because of the pandemic. Sadly, our schedule is on a standstill. We cannot go about our daily routine. While some are complaining about this situation,  others like me, love the opportunity to relax, work on unfinished home projects, spend quality time with the family and enjoy our pets.

Here are the five good things I am thankful for about this whole quarantine thing.


With the limited itineraries now and the lowered gasoline prices, we save a lot on our gas and car wash expenses. Plus, my hair was untrimmed since the lockdown started. But who cares? My wife and daughter are not complaining about it. And besides, barbershops are closed at this time.


You get bored when you see the same surroundings 24/7, aren’t you?  So, I reorganized the remnants from the last house renovation.  They just lay in our dirty kitchen for so many years. When I discarded the useless stuff, the house looks more neat and spacious.


I always want to write but my schedule gets in the way. With nothing much to do now, except eating and watching movies on Netflix and YouTube videos, I write more articles and engage my audience often.


We take things positively. My wife and I spend marathon nights on Netflix. We also talk about the news or other topics during mealtime. She plans out and cooks our meals while I am just around to assist her.


We have a Shih Tzu and a Labrador Retriever at home. Both have different needs – Labradors require longer walks while Shih Tzus’s are high-maintenance breed that need grooming regularly. These are extra duties that get so much of my time. Having a lean schedule allows me to address their needs immediately.

There are so many things to be grateful for. This sounds odd.  But let us always look at the bright side of a challenging event. Let us take this opportunity to slow down and appreciate the little things that keep us sane during this crisis.

How do you cope up with the pandemic? Please share your experience in the Comment Section below.


  1. What I like about being quarantined on what you wrote is being with the family. Nothing spells out in this season. Thanks for igniting our passion to be with our family.

  2. Being quarantined was easy in the beginning but the longer it takes, the more the kids get restless. With all of them doing online school, I almost feel like a teaching assistant, making sure they attend all their live classes and do all their assignments.

    • Hi Kevin. You have a unique name. I thought you are a male until I clicked your About me page. I am glad to know that you are a busy and involved mom just like my wife. Regards.

  3. I love spending more time with my pet as well, and he is so happy that I am around more. Indeed, the expenses have gone down. I do not like the isolation though.

  4. Fewer expenses is the one of the best things about being home in this quarantine! I’m not spending all my money going out!

  5. I’m so glad you posted this. There are some really positive things about this pandemic. The family time is especially the best one. Well that, and being around my pet puppy.

  6. This quarantine days I spend more time for my blog and I have more time to take a rest because of my super busyness before due to work 🙂


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